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Elector PSP, 9 ml (Mite and Lice Treatment of Chickens)
Elector PSP, 9 ml (Mite and Lice Treatment of Chickens)

Elector PSP, 9 ml (Mite and Lice Treatment of Chickens)

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This purchase includes 9.0 ml Elector PSP in a single use dropper bottle. 9 ml must be diluted in one gallon of water and will treat at least 50 chickens. 
Poultry veterinarian recommended Elector PSP is the most effective, safest, easiest solution to eradicating mites and lice in your flock with NO egg WITHDRAWAL period! Elector is safe for you and your pet chickens. Due to its multiple mechanisms of action, mites and lice do not develop resistance to it.  Elector PSP, in the spinosyn class of insecticides, acts as both a larvicide and an adulticide, killing adults and their nits after ONE application when used properly.
Must be stored in a cool, DARK location until use; light degrades the active ingredient. 
This terrific video explains how Elector PSP works. Given the mechanisms of action as described in the video, it can take a day or two for full effectiveness. 
Prepare solution immediately prior to use. 
Dilute 9 ml of Elector PSP in one gallon of water.
Shake well prior to and during use.
Add solution to a spray bottle to apply to all flock members, paying particular attention to wetting the feathers and skin around the vents and crests of crested breeds. 

If red roost mites are present, treat the coop, paying particular attention to crevices.

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